Keep It Small: 5 Benefits of Having An Intimate Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an exercise in stress. There’s so many things to organise, and so many people to please, that’s it’s easy to forget why you’re getting married in the first place.

Instead of trying to please everybody, why not instead throw yourself a small and intimate wedding? Here’s five reasons to convince you that smaller weddings are the way to go.

1. It saves money

First things first, smaller weddings are less expensive. You’re not paying to feed and water hundreds of guests, so you’re instantly saving money with a single stroke. If you want to, you can then put that saved cash towards another, more important aspect of your big day.

2. You can invite only your nearest and dearest

Guest lists can become unwieldy very quickly. Why should you have to invite your Great Aunt Ethel who you last met when you were twelve? Also, if you have family members who don’t see eye to eye, you could spend the whole day worrying if they’re going to cross paths at some point. A smaller guest list means only the most important people in your life can come and celebrate with you.

3. You have more options for venues

Party Space points out that having a smaller wedding means you have so much more choice for your venue. Why not get married in a library, an art gallery, or a museum? If you love outdoor spaces, there’s so many options, including national parks and riverwalk weddings. There’s options to suit just about every couple.

4. Possibility for a destination wedding

If you decide to reduce your guest list to just a handful of guests, you have the option to go abroad to tie the knot. Destination weddings are much, much easier when you’re not trying to deliver half of your family to another country for the event. Also, there’s even more venue options this way. How about a wedding at the Eiffel Tower, or on the beach in Hawaii?

5. It’s much less stressful

Possibly the best reason to have an intimate wedding is that quite frankly as Wedding Vendors says, it’s much less stressful. You’ll have less people to cater to, and much less to plan. The day will be all about you and your partner, which is why you’re getting married in the first place, right?

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