Inspection of the fire sprinkler system in a commercial building

by | May 11, 2017 | Fire and Security

It is extremely important that any commercial or industrial operation works continuously to ensure maximum utilization of the building and to maximize on profit. One extremely important component that must be properly maintained is the sprinkler system that protects the people and material in the building from fire.

How often should a fire sprinkler system be inspected?

At least once a year a complete fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ should be carried out and it must be done by experienced professionals and done in compliance with NFPA standards. Although there is a need for annual inspections, the NFPA actually suggest that inspections be carried out more frequently. Inspections are one of the professional services carried out by sprinkler contractors; all personnel are trained to comply with local requirements and are authorized to provide test certificates upon completion.

NFPA codes specifically address maintenance and inspection standards, it is the owner of the building that is responsible for ensuring the sprinkler system operates to specification over the complete life of the installation.

Peace of mind:

Regular fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ gives the building owner and occupants a great deal of peace of mind, knowing that the building is protected by a fire system that is ready to operate at any given moment without fail. The fire sprinkler system is an extremely important part of any major building and to ensure that the building maintains its value, the sprinkler system must be in perfect working order. Frequent inspections make sure they system is ready, during a typical inspection all the components are reviewed, if there are any issues that must be corrected they will be noted on the inspection report.

Although the system must be inspected annually if there are any substantial changes made to the building or the use of the building an inspection should be carried out to ensure they existing system is adequate for the intended changes. For more information visit Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp.

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