How to Choose a Restroom Hand Dryer

If you’re in the process of choosing a restroom hand dryer, you have probably already heard that they offer financial, environmental and hygienic advantages over paper towels. You probably know they will help you keep your costs down and your bathrooms cleaner. Perhaps you’re upgrading your current hand dryers or you’re switching from towel dispensers. All this is well and good, but you still need to decide on which dryer is right for you and your needs. Hand dryers come in many styles and designs, so consider your options and how the different models will fit into your bathroom.

Dryer Speed

The most recent generation of hand dryers run at much higher speeds than previous iterations. Whereas older versions felt more like a mild gust of warm air, the current high-speed models feel like a high-powered jet or blade of air which dries your hands much more rapidly. If you have a high-traffic bathroom, going with a high-speed model makes the most sense because it will allow your patrons to get in and out quickly. In fact, there are very few reasons to choose the older, slower models because even the noise level of many high- and low-speed models is comparable.


Energy efficient dryers not only save you money in electricity costs, they make your business look good by being more environmentally friendly. There is a wide range of electric dryers designed to conserve energy. Characteristics that you should consider when thinking about efficiency is whether or not the dryer is on a timed cycle or runs only when activated by motion, and the watts and amps required to power the dryer. Make sure the restroom hand dryer you choose fits both your standards and your customers.

Dryer Styles

There are many styles to consider when you are choosing a dryer. One of the first things you’ll notice is the shape and color of the dryer. Selecting a dryer in a color that fits the décor of your bathroom is probably the easiest choice to make. You’ll also have to think about which style you want: a hands-in style or a more traditional hands-underneath restroom hand dryer. Should it be push-button or motion-activated? Remember that if you want your dryer to be ADA compliant, it must protrude no more than four inches from the wall if placed in a passageway.

A restroom hand dryer is a smart choice for any bathroom because it saves money and energy. Be sure to consider things like dryer speed, efficiency and style to ensure that you choose the right restroom hand dryer for your establishment.

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