How to Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Senior Care

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be a demanding task. To provide the very best care, it is necessary to learn about the disease, what kind of care the patient requires, and how best to provide this care. Professional assistance and advice from local experts is necessary all along this journey to ensure provision of the best possible care for Alzheimer’s patients in Union County, NJ.

What Kind of Care Is Needed

The first step towards caring for the patient is gathering enough information about the disease from various sources, such as doctors, brochures, books, and online resources. This creates awareness that someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease undergoes a gradual loss of intellectual abilities. This change affects their memory, orientation, judgment, reasoning, mood, and behavior. Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient, depending on the stage of the disease, can include assisting with walking, reminders, chores, helping with preparing meals, bathing and dressing. Caregiving is needed on a 24 hour basis. Additionally, it is vital to also remember the wellbeing of the caregiver, who can become burnt out as the level of care needed increases.

How to Provide the Best Care

The level of care needed and the availability of a permanent caregiver determines the best plan of care. A family member may be available to provide this care; however, often a different solution may be needed such as in-house care or a long term facility. Looking for care for Alzheimer’s patients in Union County, NJ is made easier because of in-house care agencies. These can provide 24 hour care to the patient according to their needs. Respite care is also available to temporarily relieve family caregivers, so that they can take some time for themselves. It is best to explore the different care options with expert advice. Visit Visiting Angels for more information.

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