How Do Customers See Promotional Products?

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Marketing & Advertising

It is easy to see why promotional items are so widely used for advertising and marketing. Once you can figure out how to best use these items to promote and advertise your business, you can really start growing your customer base and start attracting new and repeat customers. The most important thing business owners need to know about promotional products is how they are seen by the customers who receive them. Promotional wall calendars, notebooks, magnets, collectables, and clothing are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what items can be used to promote your business and what customers think of these items. A great deal of research has been done on this topic and the results in recent years have been interesting:

Most people who receive a free promotional item are more likely to keep it and use it long term when they have a practical reason to do so.

A fair number of people who get promotional items from businesses end up giving the product to others, which translates to free additional exposure for your business.

A fair number of people will generally keep the product, regardless of how essential the item is or if they really need it, if they like the advertiser.

Most people generally throw away free promo items if they have no use for them or do not see a practical use for them.

Most people do not forget the items they receive and hold onto their items as a way to recall company information at a later time.

It generally takes more than six months before customers forget a product or the company that sent them the promo item.

It is obvious that the promotional items you send to your customers can impact the way they perceive and interact with businesses. These freebies are also a wonderful opportunity to interact with your customer base and to encourage them to do business with you more often. Think about the potential impact promotional wall calendars can have. Even if the customer only looks at the calendar once a week to check a date or scheduled activity, that is still a yearly total of 52 times your name and logo and brand are seen by your customer. And, best of all, this doesn’t even take into account how much exposure you get from friends and other family members who will see the calendar as well. There is no doubt, promotional items are the way to go and promotional wall calendars are one of the great options available!

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