How Can I Use a Magnetic Field Sensor?

When it comes to measuring a magnetic field, the device you choose must be durable and accurate. The right industry experts can guide you in choosing a magnetic field sensor that will best help you to accomplish your unique tasks. These sensors can be used for a wide variety of applications around the world today.

One major area in which magnetic field sensor are useful is aerospace – specifically in the area of compass systems. Target drones need a navigation system that can provide precise heading information for the remote pilot. A sensor that is accurate is paramount for supplying data to the particular digital compass system responsible for supplementing the aircraft’s other attitude sensors. The sensor must be small since the airframe’s space is limited, and it must also be lightweight because drones aren’t made to carry a lot of excess payloads. These devices additionally shouldn’t consumer a lot of power.

The magnetic field sensor can also be immensely helpful in land applications, especially for the detection of solar storms. Solar storms can disrupt satellite signals, GPS and other types of electronic systems. Magnetic field-related fluctuations are generated by solar storms, and these fluctuations can be detected with the right sensor. The sensor needs to be stable and sensitive enough to measure magnetic fields’ variation; at the same time, it must have a wide enough range to prevent data spikes from saturating the sensor.

A superior provider of sensor products gives you the ability to customize a sensor to meet your needs. For your particular application, you may need specifications that differ from those of standard units available on the market. The company can produce a product with the right specifications as well as your chosen input voltage and a customized output analog scale. The sensor’s bandwidth may also be modified, and even the sensor ranges may be reduced or expanded to satisfy your standards.

When you choose an industry-leading company, you can rest assured that the products you select will be able to withstand even the harshest environments across the globe and thus will remain dependable for years to come.

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