Historic Building Restoration: Definition and Approaches

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Building Restoration

Across North America, you will find many historic structures. Some are government-owned and open to the public. Others are private property. Many factory buildings rank in this category. They are historic but continue to function as a valid manufactory. At some point, all these buildings will face structural concerns. It may mean simple repair work, but it could also mean a major overhaul – a complete historic building restoration.

Defining Historic Building Restoration

Restoration is a term used to denote “the action of returning something to a former owner, place or condition.” Historic building restoration is the means through which a company, such as Soumar Masonry Restoration, reclaims the original structure. The specific approach can differ from structure to historical structure. Depending upon the budget, the purpose and the intended use of the building, as well as the condition or nature of the historic building itself, the restoration process may:

  1. Restore and even strip back the original property in its entirety to reflect its specific era or even decade of history. This requires painstaking research and often large, financial resources. Companies who perform this type of historic building restoration must have a full comprehension of the work involved, including older masonry practices.

  2. Repair the existing house and stabilize its current state. The focus will not be on a specific era. The house will not revert to its original structure. The process will focus on the house as an entire entity and embrace all or many of its incarnations beyond the original historic structure.

  3. Rehabilitate the historic structure. The owner wishes to update the original historical character of the building without negatively affecting it. Such updates are usually not cosmetic; they involve electrical, plumbing and other similar systems. Such a version of a historic building restoration makes the structure safe and functional for things such as computer usage and other forms of technology.

Overall, the process of historic property restoration is a necessary component of retaining and maintaining the country’s historical built environment.

Historic Building Restoration: a key to Preserving Our Culture

Homes, office structures and industrial warehouses are more than buildings. Many are reflections of the past. They provide a clear snapshot of their time. Whether designed as Arte Nouveau mansions or bastions of industrialism, they are artefacts of a certain period in history. Companies such as Soumar Masonry Restoration, through the process of historic building restoration projects, make it their job to preserve these icons of America’s past for others to admire and study in the present and future. You can also connect them on Google+ for more updates!

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