Hiring an Attorney for Spousal Support in Dayton Oh

Spousal support was created to help a newly divorced spouse maintain the lifestyle they became accustomed to during marriage. The court has the option to award either permanent, temporary, or rehabilitative alimony. These cases are extremely difficult to take part in and usually requires the assistance of a family law attorney. Prior to meeting with a lawyer it is recommended that individuals consider a few key points in order to get a general idea of whether or not they are entitled to spousal support. If they feel their situation warrants a case, they will then need to consult with an attorney to discuss the options available to them.

There are several scenarios that would qualify a person for Spousal Support In Dayton Oh. Although the court will make the final call, it is advised that an individual review their situation and determine whether or not they meet the factors that are considered in spousal support cases. There are many, many factors that will play a role in the Judge’s decision, however, the two basic factors that will determine whether there might even be a case are:

1. Whether a person is in need of spousal support
2. Whether or not the spouse has the financial means available to pay support

Divorce cases are complex enough without any request for spousal support. There are an endless amount of settlements that need to be made in order to finalize a marriage. In many cases individuals are unable to come to a resolution and will need to take the matter in front of a judge. The case will be further complicated with the request of spousal support added to the pile. For these reasons, along with being able to gain benefits when hiring an attorney, individuals are encouraged to contact an attorney when they are ready to file. The attorney will begin working on the case immediately and create a strong argument for their client. With many angles an attorney can approach their case, a person is able to get a better understanding of what to expect throughout the duration of the case and what exactly it is that they will need to create a strong argument.

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