Get More Out of Your Air Conditioner in Reno with Preventative Care

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Plumbing

For most homeowners, an air conditioner is a major investment as the average AC unit costs well over a thousand dollars. In order to get the most out of this investment, homeowners need to have their unit serviced on a regular basis. Most service providers suggest that service visits be scheduled at least twice per year. If the unit is used more than six months out of the year, service visits should be more often. If an air conditioner in Reno is used more there will be more wear and tear, which will require more substantial repairs. The ideal times to schedule service visits are just before summer and just before winter. During these times, most service providers are not as busy, and customers won’t have to wait as long for a service visit.

In order to keep an Air Conditioner running longer it’s important to keep it running at peak performance. If the unit is well maintained it will run more efficiently. A unit that doesn’t have to work as hard will operate at a lower cost, making it more affordable to keep a home comfortable all year. It’s also important to have the ducts in a home cleaned on a semi-annual basis. As dust, dirt, and animal hair collect in the ducts of a home air will become more turbulent as it is moved inside the home. If the air is not reaching its destination as easily the AC unit has to work harder to lower the ambient temperature in the home, making it more expensive to run the unit.

Homeowners can keep their Air Conditioner running longer and more cost effectively with semi-annual service visits from their local service provider. These visits are a great way to spot minor issues that might later develop into serious problems. By repairing minor issues, homeowners will save money on overall maintenance costs and enjoy a lower cost of operation. Ideally an AC unit will run for more than ten years, but anything more than that is not advised. Eventually, the unit will become severely outdated, and it would be much more cost-effective to replace the unit with a more efficient model.
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