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As a man, experiencing major hair loss can be highly distressing. A full, thick head of hair is a male trait associated with vitality, energy and attractiveness. When hair loss occurs, many men do not know how to handle it and may be reluctant to discuss something so embarrassing with friends or their significant other. But the fact is that almost three-fourths of men experience some type of baldness or hair loss in their lifetimes, but there are treatments available to cope with it. For those who are having this experience, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding men’s hair loss and what types of Mens Hair Treatment Phoenix are available.

Is Hair Loss Permanent, Or Can It Reverse On Its Own?

In most cases, yes, hair loss or thinning does not naturally reverse. The only exceptions to this would be instances due to extreme stress or certain medical treatments such as chemotherapy. In these cases, hair usually returns to normal some time after the cessation of the condition causing the loss. However, with male pattern baldness and other naturally occurring cases, hair will not grow back on its own.

Aren’t Most Hair Growth Treatments Scams?

Indeed, there are a huge number of snake oil cures for hair loss. Much like diet plans, there are companies that feed off people’s insecurity about their physical appearance and promise unrealistic cures that are actually bogus. Until recently, this was true of almost all purported hair loss cures.

What Mens Hair Treatment Phoenix Actually Work?

The only drug clinically shown to effectively treat male pattern baldness in a majority of men is called, generically, Finasteride. It is available under the brand names Proscar and Propecia. Other treatments do not necessarily cure male pattern baldness, but can effectively improve the appearance and thickness of hair, include good diet and exercise, a low stress lifestyle, and using shampoos that stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, thus bringing increased nutrients to hair follicles.

Remember, most cures on the market are bogus, but there are many legitimate doctors who offer solutions to hair loss through their clinics, such as Donte’s of New York. Seek the advice of a professional before taking shots in the dark with the many bogus treatments on the market.

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