Frustrated Dog Helped With Dog Obedience Training in Chicago

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Dogs

Do you have a dog you can’t take anywhere and no one can come and visit with you unless he’s locked up in the bedroom? This is typical of many families with dogs. For many people who work all day long, the dog is home alone. If they’re locked in a room, you know they’re going to get lonely, bored and frustrated which eventually leads them to chewing on the door or scratching it with their toenails. They are not being bad, they just want you and your attention. Leaving them alone in the entire house would be much worse because they have that much more upholstery, blinds, couches and furniture they can ruin.

If you can’t take your dog for a walk or leave them alone for any length of time, it’s time to contact the Dog Obedience Training Chicago residents have been taking advantage of for years. Click on and look at all the dogs sitting beside each other. Would your dog do that without causing a fight? He will learn to sit quietly if you get involved and enroll him into classes at the academy. Your dog will be trained to sit, stay, and sit again until he gets the drift of what you’re wanting him to do. No one wants an aggressive dog when it can be trained to do exactly what you want him to do when you want him to do it.

The trainers at the Dog Obedience Training Chicago dog owners are so enamored with also boards dogs and while they’re there they have six hours to play outdoors. The trainers at the schools in the area believe a dog should be allowed to run freely in order to stop them from reaching frustration, boredom and an increased aggressiveness. Trainers have encountered every personality of dog there is and have found out that a lot of the trouble with a dog’s behavior happens to be caused by the dog’s owner. If you live in a small apartment and work all day, don’t choose a big dog unless you can run with him and get him the exercise he needs.

Training your dog also requires being consistent and not allowing one type of behavior one time and disallowing it the next. The trainers at dog obedience schools will explain in detail the best methods to use in training your dog. Visit Chicago Canine Academy for more details.

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