Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Damage Repair Service In Troy

When you have a house fire, your furniture, belongings and the structure of your home can sustain damage. Black soot and smoke odor will permeate your clothing and possessions. To lesson the damage to your items after the fire, immediately begin cleaning them or contact a company that specializes in Fire Damage Repair Service in Troy. Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about cleaning fire damaged items.

Q.) What is the best way to get smoke odor out of clothing?

A.) Fill your washing machine with water and add one cup of liquid dishwasher detergent. Immerse your clothes in the water and let them soak in the washer overnight. The next day, wash your clothes in a regular wash cycle in the machine. You may need to wash your clothes more than one time if the smell lingers. If you have leather, silk or other fine fabric garments, take them to a professional cleaning company for smoke removal.

Q.) What type of cleaner is effective for cleaning soot off walls and carpeting?

A.) Use rubbing alcohol and a sponge to remove soot from walls. If your walls are completely covered by this black substance, your best option may be to paint over the walls if removing the soot is too time consuming. Use a steam cleaner to clean soot and smoke odor out of your carpeting. Open the windows if the weather permits and run fans in your house to speed up the carpet drying process.

Q.) What does a restoration service do to clean smoke odor and soot from the home?

A.) An experienced company that performs Fire Damage Repair Service in Troy will use a special ozone treatment in your home to eliminate the smoke odor. They also use special chemicals that destroy smoke odor molecules on upholstered furniture, carpeting and draperies. After cleaning your home, the restorative crew will repair the damages done to your home so it will be livable again.
If you need professional fire restoration services, visit This licensed and bonded company also provides water damage restoration, mold remediation, duct cleaning and emergency services for any type of property damage.

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