Fire Pit Options

A fire pit will add the campfire feel to any backyard, deck or patio. They are useful year round, warm up to a fire pit on a cold night or roast marshmallows with family on a hot summer night. Fire pits bring 360 degrees of entertainment to any area. There are many different fire pit options, if you are looking for steel fire pits for sale keep this in mind:

  • They are weather resistant.
  • Steel fire pits are lightweight.
  • They offer durability.
  • The maintenance is low.
  • Cost is relatively inexpensive.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing.

The most budget friendly type of fire pit is steel. You can have it painted to make the look unique to your style. If the color fades, it is easy to restore with heat-resistant paint. Steel fire pits for sale can be found in any price range.

They are also sold in many different varieties and finishes. Since they are easy to mold, many different shapes are available. The different finishes include brass, copper, and brushed brass. To prevent too much rust, opt for a powder-coated option.

Other options for fire pits include:

Cast aluminum: this will not rust, therefore requiring very low maintenance.

Cast iron: an expensive look for a great price, sturdy, rust-resistance, light weight and a great conductor of heat.

Copper: more expensive, but great quality, copper is durable and does not rust. Though the surface will weather, treatments are available to keep the copper color.

Stone: if your fire pit will not be moved often, since the material is heavy, stone is recommended. A stone fire pit offers weather-resistant, durable material.

If a fire pit is something you want to add to your outdoor space, consider all the options. What material do you want? Should it be stationary or moveable? Is maintenance required? Do you want propane, wood or another type of fuel to be used? What are the codes for open fires in your city or town?

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