Fabric Swatches are a Key Tool for Many Design Styles

Fabric swatches play a major role in the world of interior design as well as in basic home makeovers. There is more to the design of a space than meets the eye and with the proper blend of colors and materials, the results are often amazing.

The Vision

Designers generally know exactly how they want a particular space to look once the design is complete. However, the vision may be there, but without the help of a few fabric samples, the vision could fail due to wrong choices. Fabric swatches help the eye bring the vision to life. Swatches allow you to, compare and contrast colors, fabric types and patterns until a project looks great and feels even better.

Quality Design

Projects that require a keen eye for best color coordinates, texture, weight, and other details are typically best supported by fabric swatches. The quality of the outcome relies heavily on those swatches. They help to coordinate the designs and fabric types for curtains, toss pillows, carpets and many other fabrics throughout the space. One of the most prominent industries of today is that of decoration and design. Change of seasons create a buzz for change and everyone wants to switch things up a bit. This is the prime time for designers and their passion for design.

Any vendor who wants designers to come to them, and any designer with a fabric inventory of their own should be able to show their clients professional quality samples likes those produced by Lennertson Sample Compnay.


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