Evaluating Trade Show Exhibits And Booths

by | Apr 17, 2015 | Business

Any small business making the decision to participate in a trade show needs to spend time and money on creating a top quality, professional display. Poorly designed and poorly developed trade show exhibits send a negative message to the potential customers and clients at the event.

The key to creating the top trade show exhibits is not just about cost and having an unlimited budget. It is possible to find top quality trade show display booths, backs, podiums and tables at very low cost when shopping around online. What counts is the organization, the overall appearance, and the message sent by all aspects of the exhibit, including the people manning the booth.

The Clutter Factor

One of the biggest mistakes made with trade show exhibits is trying to put too much information about too many different products in one small area. It is much more effective to focus in on one product, or perhaps one category of product, as opposed to everything the company sells.

Take a careful look at how successful trade show exhibits are set up. The best and most appealing have materials for attendees to pick up placed to the side of the booth. This prevents congestion in the front of the booth and allows people to see easily what is being promoted.

The People

Even if your trade show exhibits are perfectly displayed, eye-catching and very well organized, the people at the booth are the most important factor. These are the face of your small business and need to be informed, friendly, professional, and educated about the products and services being offered.

It is a good idea to spend some time practicing with staff how to greet people at the booth and what factors to promote with the products and services. Review common questions and make sure the staff is able to answer completely and correctly in a professional manner.

The Hook

The hook at trade show exhibits will vary based on the products or services being promoted. It could be a customized zip drive, a pen, a gift card, a free coffee or any number of different giveaway items.

The more unique the “hook” is, the more memorable the product, brand, and company will be. Look for something which is within your budget but not the same old item given away at every other booth. Online promotional retailers offer some amazing giveaway items which are very low cost and can be easily branded or customized.

Remember too, trade show exhibits are a great place to get business cards. It is easy to ask people to sign up for email newsletters and build your business network. A draw or raffle where people leave a business card as a ticket can be a good opportunity to build a contact list and start interacting after the event.

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