Does My Lab Need an LIS System?

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Business

Every lab should consider the benefits of a laboratory information system. Even the smallest of labs conducting the simplest of functions can find ways to become more efficient. Here are just a few of the advantages your lab could expect to have by implementing an LIS system.

If you’re involved in the healthcare industry, you can’t afford to stand still for too long. Advances are made seemingly daily, as are new rules and regulations whose compliance is mandatory. When you have the right system in place in your lab, all those behind-the-scene updates are done for you. You can continue to focus on growing your business or refining your protocols and rest easy knowing that you remain in compliance with the latest changes.

Customizable Functions
Even if you currently have a small lab with a narrow focus, you still need to work proficiently and professionally. Don’t lose your edge by falling behind the technology curve. An LIS system can be customized to your specifications and function in a way that works best for you and staff. By adapting the system to your particular environment, your small lab may become so efficient that you won’t remain small for long.

Complete Laboratory Data Management
Imagine having all your lab information in one place and having it available with a few keystrokes. Imagine being able to run any report on any given department within your operation. All of your lab’s data, from contact databases, accounts receivable, and inventory lists to the latest test results, quality control statistics, and equipment maintenance schedules is just waiting to be reviewed.

Cost Savings
Not only is there a system out there that can fit into your budget, but that system can also make you money in the long run. In addition to full-featured systems, some companies offer modules that provide solutions that address specific needs. Streamlining even one function can improve your overall process and allow for growth. The more your lab grows, the more profitable you’ll become, and the more modules you’ll be able to implement until you find yourself with an entire LIS system.

Consider how implementing these, as well as the many other system functions, can contribute to the growth of you lab.

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