Customize Your Tool Storage With Lista Cabinets

Having the ability to instantly locate tools on the job and to keep tools secured and protected when not in use is always a good thing. Unfortunately, typical tool boxes don’t always have the compartments and customized storage configurations to store small parts used in metal working and machining.

One simple way to protect and secure all your tools is through the use of Lista cabinets. They are more than a drawer cabinet and more than a tool box, but rather they offer a full range of features to make them a great hybrid of both.

Customized Storage

You will find Lista cabinets in use in a wide range of different industries and applications. They can be used as workstations and storage options, or they can be stand alone styles of tool cabinets.

The designs are modular, which means they can be combined with each other and configured to your specific storage needs. Drawer styles of cabinets, which can be taller or counter height, are perfect for storing small or large tools, parts and components. With the design, the larger drawers are located on the bottom of the cabinet with drawer height decreasing up the cabinet for logical and systematic organization.

For larger parts and components, there are shelf cabinets, ideal for creating both interior storage space and a work area on the top. These have sliding doors for easy access to materials.

Finally, there are the mobile cabinets that are used commonly in workplaces. This allows easy and secure transportation of tools and equipment where you need it. The cabinets are built with heavy duty wheels that can lock into place, creating a portable work area as well as storage space.

Features to Consider

Unlike a traditional tool chest or cabinet, the Lista cabinets feature fully customized drawer dividers. This allows the user to compartmentalize the drawers to store individual parts and tools easily. The dividers just slide in and out, providing on-demand sections small to large drawers.

Additionally, the cabinets come with locking options. With just a simple turn of the key, all drawers are locked into place, eliminating loss and allowing each employee to safely store their own tools and equipment in their own cabinet.

These cabinets are designed to provide full support for the drawer, even when fully open. This means no digging around in the back of the drawer for things that are there but are difficult to see. Adding to the organization of the drawers are hinged label holders on the top edges. There is also the Lista Script software that makes label creation simple and easy, helping to keep cabinets clearly organized and to reduce time in searching for parts and tools.

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