Considering Different Designs for Wedding Cakes in Hattiesburg MS

Weddings are joyous occasions that are meant to be shared with loved ones. Along with planning a beautiful ceremony, many people also want to hold a reception that allows them to celebrate with family and friends. One of the focal points of the reception is the wedding cake. Here are some ideas for Wedding Cakes in Hattiesburg MS that are worth considering.

A Traditional Design

For people who want an old-fashioned ceremony, a traditional cake that comes with multiple tiers is the way to go. The cakes can be made more elegant by using separators to life one or more of the tiers. When paired with the right type of decorative elements, the effect can be quite striking.

Keep in mind that for people who want the look but not a ton of cake left over, there is always the option of using what is known as a false layer for the bottom. This layer is covered in frosting and decorated just like the other layers. The difference is that it is made of some material that is not edible.

Something Different

Not everyone wants the wedding or the reception to be in the traditional vein. When that happens, there is the option of doing something a little different with the wedding cake. One approach is to consider Wedding Cakes in Hattiesburg MS that come in different shapes. For example, it is possible to go with square or rectangular tiers rather than round ones. If desired, it is possible to use a rectangular layer for the bottom part of the cake, then use a separator to support a smaller round tier. With the right type of decorative touches, the cake can be quite striking and a lot of fun.

The whole idea of the wedding cake is to create a look and a memory that everyone will enjoy. For people who are planning a wedding and reception in the months to come, click here to read more about how wedding cakes can be created using all sorts of design ideas. From there, it is a matter of talking with a professional, developing a custom design, and then making the final arrangements in terms of the decorative touches that will bring the design to life.

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