Calibrating Your Gas Detection System

Electronic gas detection systems have made detecting gases more time efficient and more accurate. Unlike gas sampling tubes, an electronic gas detection needs to be tested and calibrated to maintain accurate readings. Calibrating a gas detection system is easier now that some companies are dedicated to providing portable calibration gases. One company that has continued to improve the way calibration gases are used is PortaGas.


PortaGas is mostly focused on maintaining accessibility and availability to customers. The cylinders which PortaGas uses to deliver calibration gases to the customer are completely recyclable rather than disposable. PortaGas is very focused on maintaining a green status by recycling their gas calibration cylinders without sacrificing quality. PortaGas is capable of filling cylinders with a single gas for calibration or filling a cylinder with multiple calibration gases. This includes gases that are highly reactive. Safety, accessibility, and reliability are the qualities that PortaGas values the most.

The New App

Recently, PortaGas has developed a new application that can be used on any smartphone or tablet. This app continues to focus on ease of use and accessibility for customers. The app is capable of storing information about the calibration gases that you currently possesss and need to use, including expiration dates. The most convenient portion of the app is the ability to save cylinder reorder lists. Rather than repeating the same information about the specialty gas that you need to calibrate, the app will apply the information for you into your next order from PortaGas.

Some gas samplers are able to collect a sample of the gas that they need to calibrate within their electronic gas detection system, but others may not have direct access to the gas that they need to detect. In that case, companies like PortaGas are helping gas samplers calibrate their equipment with full assurance that their gas detectors will properly work on the job.

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