Buying Rims and Automotive Parts in North Dakota – Repair or Replace?

Keeping your wheels in proper condition is important to your car’s overall well-being. A set of damaged rims can bring about costly repairs, and they can put you at a greater risk for injury. When giving your wheels a once-over, keep the below tips in mind.

Warning Signs of Wheel Damage

Most rim issues make themselves readily apparent. Depending on the level of damage, you may feel a vibration through the steering column, or hear a series of thumps when you drive. If you don’t notice these symptoms, but have noticed a change in your fuel economy or your car’s handling characteristics, look at your wheels first. Check the tires for unusual wear patterns, and inspect your wheels for bends, dents and cracks.

Consequences of Wheel Damage

Wheel damage can cause your tires to wear unevenly, and it can adversely affect your fuel economy and handling. Damage to your wheels can shorten the lifespan of your tires, and it can increase your risk of a dangerous blowout. Avoid the danger by proactively maintaining your rims -; if you find damage, repair it or replace the rim as soon as possible.

When Repairs are Possible

In most cases, broken and bent rims are repairable. If you have a bent rim, it is usually easy to get it straightened out -; but if there’s damage to the lug holes, or if it’s cracked, the wheel may not be salvageable. Ask a wheel repair professional before you buy new wheels, as he or she will be able to tell you whether the rim is fixable.

When it’s Time to buy New Wheels

Once you’ve gotten wheel repair quotes from a few places, compare the expense to the cost of buying new wheels from a vendor of Automotive Parts in North Dakota. If repairs exceed the cost of replacement, buy a new wheel -; but if repairs are cheaper than buying new, go that route. In most cases, a repaired rim is just as solid and stable as a new one.


It’s fairly simple to repair or straighten a bent rim, and most of the time it will cost less than $100. However, if your rim is broken and needs welding, or if it will be necessary to refinish or repaint the rims after repairs are done, the job will cost substantially more. If you’re having trouble, ask Pioneer Rim and Wheel for quotes on new wheels.


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