A New Variation of Smoke Shops

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Smoke Shops

Smoke Shops can be found everywhere. They are the stores that typically sell all things associated with tobacco smoking. Several different kinds of cigarettes, cigars, bags of tobacco, and chewing tobacco are available, as are accessories. Tip cutters for cigars, lighters, rolling papers and machines for those who made their own cigarettes, and cases for packs are just a few examples. Pipes in all styles and sizes, pouches, pipe cleaners, and even stands designed to hold a pipe upright are there. There are magazines about cigars, humidors for cigars, thin and fat cigars, imported cigars, and domestic ones.

Today, with many places going smoke-free, people are turning to electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes are smoke-free and tobacco-free products that deliver inhaled doses of nicotine. They run on batteries, and heated water vapors provide a sensation that is similar to smoking. Smokers get the oral gratification and the nicotine without exposing non-smokers to harmful second-hand smoke. It is a safer and less expensive alternative to tobacco smoking.

There are now Smoke Shops like The Vaporium that sell electronic cigarettes, accessories, and a multitude of nicotine flavors. E-liquid, which are the nicotine vials or cartridges used in the vapor, is manufactured by over twenty companies in hundreds of flavors. Caramel apple, pound cake, strawberry clouds, and hickory smoke are examples of flavors. Many people are using the electronic cigarettes to reduce their dependency on tobacco and quit smoking altogether.

Starter kits are not expensive, and the overall use of electronic cigarettes will save the average smoker half of the cost of regular tobacco cigarettes. Accessories include batteries and battery chargers, tips or caps, pro-tank replacement glass, coils, and atomizers. A few different types of these cigarettes are on the market, so when customers purchase batteries and supplies, they need to make sure they are compatible with their type of product. Electronic cigarettes, or E-cigs as they are sometimes called, are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so there is no quality control or oversight agency yet. There are still the side effects that are associated with addiction to nicotine, but E-cigs are not as harmful to smokers as tobacco cigarettes. You can follow them on Google+.

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