6 Ways to an Affordable Wedding You and Your Families Will Love

Cheap weddings in San Antonio can be charming and lovely as well. Here’s how to pull that off:

Plan your budget

Research on the average budget you’ll need. By doing the math, you’re in a much better position to know what you can and can afford. However, don’t just plan a budget. Stick to it as well. Don’t go overboard with your costs.

Go for a package

Wedding packages can offer you the best balance between cost and convenience. You can save a lot and still get the wedding you want that’s well within your budget.

Scout for a gown

The perfect gown doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can scout around sale options until you find the perfect one for your frame. Minor adjustments can also do wonders to get just her right fit for your bust line or waist.

Trim down your guest list

An excellent way to save on costs is to trim down your guest list. A list of 100 guests is a far cry from one that contains 500 guests. You can save thousands on the food and drinks alone if you go for the first over the second one.


The stress and exhaustion that come with a huge wedding are often the result of poor planning. If you’re in mad scramble, trying to meet deadlines or coordinate with a lot of other people, then planning ahead, making lists and being organized can resolve all these problems. A wedding package can also help reduce all those worries, leaving you with enough time to concentrate on other aspects of the wedding.

Have fun

No matter what wedding package you choose or the location you pick for your reception, one of the things you’ll remember beyond that day is if you had fun or not. So don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it.

With these pointers, preparing for cheap weddings in San Antonio but fun, lovely weddings should be a breeze.

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