3 Things to Ask Before Spending Some Money on a New York City Apartment Rental

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Real Estate

After many months of struggle, you have finally found the perfect New York City apartment rental that matches your lifestyle choices and budget and also exceeds your highest expectations in terms of looks and amenities. Buy you know what they say: if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dream of renting a property in New York City. You just have to be extra cautious, ask all the right questions and read the rental/lease agreement multiple times before signing on the dotted line. Wondering what kind of topics you should discuss with your landlord? Here are a few suggestions worth considering.

1. What Kind of Changes Am I Actually Allowed to Implement? If you have a great sense of style and an artistic personality type, chances are that you will want to make a few minor adjustments to upgrade the décor of your interior space. Maybe you’ll feel the need to repaint those dull gray walls or add new colorful wallpaper. Perhaps you’d like to drill a few holes in the wall to hang your artwork and a collage of family photos. In this situation, the question that should be on your mind is this: are you allowed to make these changes? Many leases stipulate that tenants should restore the apartment to its original condition before moving out. Some landlords add clauses that compel tenants to ask for their written permission before making any modifications. Therefore, if you don’t want to waste and money or start a conflict with the owner of your New York City apartment rental, it would be best to clarify this aspect once and for all.

2. Can I Keep Pets in My New York City Apartment Rental? Some landlords choose to stick to their “no-pets” policy. It’s not always difficult to understand their point of view: after all, not all apartments were designed or remodeled to be pet-friendly and four-legged friends can find numerous ways to trash a place, especially when they aren’t properly supervised. Make sure you understand your landlord’s pet policy. If no animals are allowed on premises, does this rule also apply to visiting pets? If you are allowed to keep your tiny companion in your apartment, this means that you will most likely have to spend a bit more money on a pet security deposit and clean after your cat and dog.

3. Can My Guests Sleep Over on a Regular Basis? Now that you are about to get the keys to your New York City apartment rental, you probably dream about the loud parties that you’re going to throw in the building. But are you allowed to have people sleeping overnight? You may be tempted to think: “This isn’t my parents’ house, of course I’m allowed!” Unfortunately, this is not how it goes. Some landlords have very specific policies related to overnight visitors. These policies make sense for a number of reasons. They protect the safety and wellbeing of other tenants and help your landlord avoid unplanned expenses. After all, an increased number of people is a big change involving a long list of drawbacks, including tighter parking and also more wear and tear on the New York City apartment rental.

All in all, attention to detail and an improved communication with your landlord will help you understand some of the most important rental policies and prevent conflicts.

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