3 Reasons to Fix Water Damage Immediately

When you need water cleanup, it is always best to get it done right away, and by right away, most experts mean within hours of the problem occurring. Why is it so important to address water damage so promptly? There are a lot of reasons to get on top of this issue, but the three biggest are:

  • Mold – While water damage means that your flooring is likely going to be ruined and that you might even have to remove sheetrock from the walls, discard furnishings, and much more, it also means that the potential for mold has skyrocketed. Mold loves humidity and the longer that the wood and other building materials absorb and hold any water, the faster mold is going to develop. When you work with experts in water cleanup services, they will extract water, assess the building materials that need to be removed (and later replaced), and use dehumidifiers and fans to cut down on the water. The very best measure humidity in the spaces flooded and take steps to remove the microbial growth, odor, and eliminate the risks for mold.
  • Electricity – Your home or property has electrical supplies, and as most of us know, electricity and water do not mix well. Because of that, your water cleanup must be done as quickly as possible to cut down on the risks of water reaching cables hidden in the walls or causing dangerous short outs, brownouts or sparking fires.
  • Structural Integrity – Rotten boards don’t just happen. They are due to only a few things, and though insects can often be a cause, water damage is a leading reason that you need to worry about the structural integrity of a floor, wall or home. Let water stand inside a building for too long, and it can crack the foundation, weaken the framing, and cause wood and building materials to degrade to a dangerous level.

Of course, having professional water cleanup can often mean you get back to normal life very quickly. The experts can ensure your home is dry, healthy and free of odors and mold. They can ensure that the structure is going to remain safe and stable over the long term. If you have suffered water damages in the Jacksonville, FL area, contact the IICRC certified experts at Aqua Restorations even before you get in touch with your insurance provider as faster water cleanup is always better for everyone.

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