Why You Should Install a Flexible Manufacturing System

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Business Services

A flexible manufacturing system is an automated solution that allows all of your production to be completed by a CNC process. Once the system has been installed, your machinery will automatically cut, drill and complete any other processes that you need, which means that you will not have to rely on staff to handle these operations. The system also allows the controller to make changes at any time, so your machines are not limited in the products they can create. This is an excellent solution for an expanding business, as it gives many more options when manufacturing parts or products.

Increase Output
The main reason why you would want a flexible manufacturing system is to increase your overall output. Since the system is automated, you don’t have to input the specifications into the system every time you need something. As a result, your production rates will improve significantly.

Build New Products
The flexibility that is provided by this system can improve your long-term outlook, since you can program your machines to create a variety of different products. For example, your company might currently only need to make a couple of different components, which your automated system can easily handle. If you wish to add new components later on, however, your system can be adapted to create them as well, so you will not need to install new machines. Everything that is created by the flexible manufacturing system is to your exact specifications, and by simply reprogramming the computer, you can update them at any time.

Best for Business
Overall, you must decide on what type of process is best for you. It is possible to hard-wire your automated manufacturing system, which could lead to some short term gains. These systems are less expensive to install and will immediately increase your production. However, they cannot be adapted once they have been installed, so you will have to install new machinery if your goals change. With a flexible system, you can make changes to the program as you deem necessary, which allows you to expand and change your business plan whenever it is needed.

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