Why Choose a Guardian Generator, Find One in Elmhurst

A Guardian generator in Elmhurst is part of the Generac brand, which is a leader in automatic generators. Residents in Elmhurst are likely to want generators to prevent issues if the power goes out, but they can also be used to power sheds, hobby rooms, and many other areas of the home. The Generac brand offers whole-home generators, which offers many advantages.

Automatic Power

The Generac brand of generators offers automatic power backup, which automatically turns your generator on when the power fails. This type of backup protects your home and assets from getting damaged during a power failure.

No Food Spoilage

The most significant issue people face with power outages is the safety of their food. You may have a freezer and refrigerator, and may also have a deep-freeze freezer. These are essential for keeping food frozen or cold enough to prevent bacteria from forming. Even a few minutes of no power can cause food to start spoiling, so it’s best if you can avoid it by having a generator that detects a power failure and goes to work.

Have Heat/Light

While many people prefer to stay in the dark during a power outage, you may require light for some of your tasks. You can power a particular room with a generator or have it power the whole house. Along with such, you can use it to run the furnace or air conditioner if necessary.

Propane/Natural Gas Operation

Generac generators can run on either propane or natural gas, which makes them suitable for almost every household. Plus, you don’t have to worry about storing or using gasoline.

A Guardian generator is an excellent addition to your home and can help you stay comfortable and keep food safe during a power outage. Visit Penco Electric, Inc. in Elmhurst to request an estimate today.

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