When You’re Ready to Sell Your Mineral Rights

There are lots of reasons to sell your mineral rights. While we realize that the bottom line – a return on your investment – is the most significant one, your quality of life is also at stake. If you’re tired of the uncertainty of the market and the potential for great losses, pass the stress on to H & M Land and Mineral.

We Do Risk

Risk is our business, and we handle it very well. As a local company that is highly familiar with the people and properties with which we work, we can offer a personalized service when you want to sell you mineral rights. Of course, the level at which we work, and the companies with whom we have relationships, means that we have the ability to invest a lot in our own risks, and pass those benefits on to you. No need to worry about getting the return you always hoped for. H & M leaves the competitors in the dust and puts the money in your hand sooner.

In order to make the most of an investment like mineral rights, you spend a great deal of time taking care of risk management. For many property owners, this is not an area of expertise, and so much time is spent simply trying to understand the market. The thing is, the mineral, oil and gas market is volatile, with constant ups and downs and unpredictable price points. Rather than enjoying the fruits of your labor, you’ll be scrambling just to hang on to them. We can offer you the chance to put money away for retirement, pay off a college education or even just have some savings for those fun things you’ve always wanted to do.

Our Team

We work with highly experienced acquisition landmen, title abstractors and an in-house legal team to ensure that your minerals give you leverage, and connect you with the compensation you deserve. These professionals also keep the process moving along quickly and accurately, making H & M the most efficient in the field. We have no excuse for any less after several decades in this position.

For buyers, we are prepared to talk data, and use aggressive development campaigns to support great investment. Of course, we are well aware of local and state law and regulation, and observe them fully at every step.

Contact our office by mail, email, phone or online contact form, and talk about the reasons to sell your mineral rights. It’ll be our pleasure to take this burden from your shoulders.


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