What is Aluminum Bar?

Aluminum is used in many applications today and especially where corrosion or weight is a major consideration. The process of making aluminum products often utilizes sheets, rods, or bars of metal. Here is a closer look at aluminum bar, what it is, and its uses in industry today.

Are Rods and Bars the Same Thing?
When aluminum is processed it is often made into bars or rods. A large variety of shapes is possible, and most are either flat, round, square, or hexagon shaped.

Often times, you may see bars and rods advertised together, and the terms may appear to be interchangeable. However, this is not the case. Usually rods are produced in round shapes, while bars can be any number of shapes. Yet, in essence, the materials are the same.

How are Bars and Rods Produced?
Bar production may be achieved several ways. For example, ingots can be softened and passed through rollers to create the desired size. This process takes several steps. Bars may also be produced through an extrusion method.

Why Aluminum Bar?
Bars are used when electrical conductivity is needed. This is especially important for wire and the transmission of power. Although copper is often used, when great amounts of wire are needed, many companies turn to aluminum wire produced from bar or rod, because of its excellent properties and lower costs than copper.

Long Distance Power Transmission
Not only is aluminum cheaper than copper, the metal carries twice the electrical current per pound. This is a cost effective way to transfer electricity over great distances via high voltage power lines. For more than a century, aluminum conductors have been bringing power to homes in the United States.

More Uses than Wire
Bars are used for many purposes besides electrical power. For example, thin aluminum wires can produce non corrosive staples (for tea bags) and common items known as twisty ties. Some zippers are also made from bars. Here are some other common uses:
* Rivets

* Non corrosive nails

* Chain link fencing materials

* Antennas

* Automotive parts

* Tubing

Rods can be hollowed out and turned into tubes, which may be used in food processing and water treatment facilities. Anywhere liquid is transferred, aluminum tubing is often used.
Aluminum is providing a cost effective solution for many of industry’s problems, and aluminum bar is one of the most common forms of bulk metal today. It serves many purposes and is the base for a large variety of everyday and not so everyday products.

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