Three Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Draperies

Beautiful draperies frame the window and give a complete look to any room in a home, office or a commercial building. Unfortunately, the wrong curtains and window treatments can contribute to a look of chaos or lack of coordination in a room.

You don’t have to be a window treatment expert to choose the right curtains, blinds, shades or shutters to create the perfect space. By avoiding three common mistakes or errors in choosing draperies, you can find the ideal match and still stay in your budget.

Curtains Should Match the Room

Curtains should complement the colors and the furniture style in the room. They are there to be a subtle design element but not the focus. Look for a style of curtain that is in harmony with the furniture, flooring and wall color.

Additionally, match the pattern in the fabric with the room décor. For example, if the room features straight lines and clean, crisp styles, look for a similar design in the curtain fabric or choose a solid color that breaks up the pattern and draws the eye to the window.

Curtains Should Be Practical

Curtains are not just for show; they are also a practical way to keep a room private, to block out the sun or to create a more diffuse option in natural light. Often draperies are designed with a heavier curtain or drape paired with sheers that allow for various looks to the window depending on the time of day. Always stop and consider what the curtains or drapes are required to do before choosing a style.

Curtains Should Be Beautiful

Along with practicality, beauty is important with your window treatment. If you like a particular style of curtain, you can easily include elements in your room design to enhance how the window treatment looks in the room.

A great place to start is the internet. Take a look at different window treatment ideas and find something you like, then talk to your window treatment professional to develop the concept for your own home.

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