Sodding in Wichita, KS Instantly Creates the Perfect Lawn

Nothing makes a landscape stand out more than a lush green lawn. Unfortunately, many yards have brown patches or weeds, instead of beautiful green grass. The use of Sodding in Wichita KS can change that. By having a professional company lay down hearty thick sod pieces, any landscape can have a lawn that people will be envious of.

When looking for Sodding in Wichita KS, one needs to have an understanding of what constitutes high grade sod. Grass that has been grown from specially selected seed can yield a thick healthy sod that’s capable of resisting many types of weeds. Depending on whether warm weather grass or cool weather grass is desired, there are different options that will grow under those conditions. Kansas Premium Fescue is a wonderful sod that’s a great choice for use in warm weather. It’s drought tolerant with a deep root system that can thrive in many types of soil. It offers a medium to dark green color and is perfect for many uses. It requires moderate care to keep it looking pristine. If a cooler weather sod is preferred, Midfield #E-29 Bermuda is an excellent choice. This type of sod is also medium to dark green in color, and it requires very little maintenance to keep it looking its very best. It has low water requirements and while it’s quite dense, it can be over-seeded with Rye seed to keep the landscape looking green during cooler times.

Sodding in Wichita KS is a preferred method of putting in grass for several reasons. Unlike starting a lawn from seed, sod provides an instant result that carpets the landscape in a rich green. Seed, on the other hand, takes time to germinate before the grass even emerges from the soil. It may even take several times of reseeding before a lawn fills in properly. During that time, the young grass may fall victim to weeds and disease that can destroy it before it takes hold. Sod provides immediate curb appeal and is fully usable in about 10-14 days. Seed can take months, during which time much of the seed may wash away, or be devoured by hungry birds and insects.

Sodding in Wichita KS provides the best lawn around, and immediately raises property value too. It can be installed during any season, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. Sod transforms plain dirt into a gorgeous green lawn.

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