Should You Buy Used Mazak Equipment in Detroit?

CNC or Computer Numeric Control tools are essential to prototyping, full production cutting, carving, machining, and milling. You can use them on MDF, plastic, foam, aluminum and even wood. Among the biggest names in CNC is Mazak, and it is a leader in creating some of the most advanced multi-tasking, milling, turning, hybrid and CNC gear. Naturally, it can be incredibly expensive, and shop owners of all kinds want to know where or if they are wise to buy used Mazak equipment in Detroit.

What Experts Say

As you might anticipate, machining and shop experts have a lot to say about such questions, and many agree that buying “a used CNC machine is a very attractive idea. You can save a large amount of money vs. buying a new machine, and often you will find that the seller is willing to throw in tooling and accessories for free.” They also point out that the best sellers of used gear are going to be CMTSE certified and able to guarantee the very best inventories. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can just purchase blindly.

Tips for Buying Used

Instead, the experts in used machinery say that you should:

  • Inspect the machinery – Does the vendor allow you to physically inspect potential purchases? If so, do it. You can check functionality, condition and more. Bring along your mechanic or shop expert and be sure the machinery is in good shape.
  • Know what you are getting – You should always do more research on used gear than new machines and look at any problems, changes in technical specs, and even contact a manufacturer to find out about recalls.
  • Ask for documentation – Can you have original bills of sale or repair histories? Can you find out about any upgrades, updates or part replacements? Is the original manual available?
  • Comparison shop – What is the cost of a used Mazak versus a newer model? Is there another, older model from the same vendor? Shop around and be sure you are getting the fairest price.

For those in search of premium used Mazak equipment in Detroit, CC Machine Tools ranks as a leading supplier. With years of experience in the field of CNC equipment, they buy and sell a long list of Mazak and other gear. With more than two decades in the industry, they are CMTSE certified and strive to make the buying and selling experience as simple and satisfying as possible.

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