Safety Guidelines for a Residential Swimming Pool in Billerica MA

Swimming pools can be used for many activities including therapy, water-based recreation, and lounging. These water-filled excavations can also be used to enhance the appeal and market value of a home. While pools serve many purposes, they can also pose a danger to the people that use them. For this reason, it’s essential to implement safeguards for use or ownership of a Swimming Pool. The following guidelines can be used for this task.

Whether you plan to have a pool installed, or you currently own one, it’s imperative to ensure that a swimming pool in the Billerica MA area adheres to local and state regulations. Local laws tend to be more restrictive than state laws. A homeowner should check local laws for fencing and safety requirements for pools with the local building regulation agency. He should also check with his state’s agency that handles building standards and codes. This will keep a homeowner from incurring fines and other disciplinary actions.

Even when state and local laws don’t require a Swimming Pool in Billerica MA to have certain types of fencing around it, it’s preferable for a homeowner to install one. The width between the pickets should be narrow enough to prevent children and pets from gaining access to the pool. The distance between the bottom rail and the ground should not be more than a few inches. Rail spacing should be as minimal as possible. When possible, it’s advisable to have extra rails installed for additional protection.

Never allow children to use a pool unattended. There should also be a safe ratio of children to adult supervision. It’s a good idea for pool users to wear brightly colored bathing suits. Light colors can blend in with the colors of the pool tile. Also, it’s easier to spot a person underwater when the person is wearing bright colors. Ripples on the water surface can create a distortion of underwater images.

By using these suggestions, a homeowner can increase the level of pool safety on his property. This will make the pool more enjoyable for all household occupants. For more information on pools and pool safety, please talk to an expert at Rogers Pool Patio & Toy Co. Inc. This company can handle many pool services for increased customer retention and satisfaction.


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