Repair or Replacement? How an HVAC Contractor in Portland Can Help Make the Decision

It is no secret that the home heating and cooling system is not working as efficiently as in years past. The home-owner is beginning to wonder if the time has come to invest in a new unit. Before any decisions are made, it pays to have an HVAC Contractor in Portland take a good look at everything already in place. Based on the findings, it will be easier to determine what should happen next.

The Age of the System

While examining the unit, the HVAC Contractor in Portland will take into account the number of years the system has been in place. This is important & since it provides a clue about whether to make repairs or replace the unit entirely. A system that is not all that old may only need a part or two to once again operate properly. By contrast, if the system is older and the contractor notices multiple parts that must be replaced now or in the immediate future, the cost of doing so could be prohibitive. With the latter scenario, the likely recommendation is to start looking at replacements.

The Complexity of the Repairs

Depending on how many different things must be done to get the unit running properly, the process could take a lot of time. Not all issues can be resolved in a couple of hours. If the task will more or less call for dismantling the entire unit and rebuilding it from scratch, the time and money involved could be significant. When the expense of doing so comes close to the cost of purchasing and installing a new heating and cooling unit, chances are the contractor will urge the home-owner to go with the new system.

Energy Efficiency

While it may be possible to restore an older system, chances are that it will not be as efficient as one of the newer models. When the contractor believes that the best the home-owner can hope for is a few more years of use anyway, it will make sense to go ahead with the purchase of a new unit. While the initial expense may be more, the lower operational costs will help offset that to a significant degree.

To get started, visit and arrange for a system inspection. Once the results are in, the home-owner will have a better idea of what to do next.

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