Questions And Answers About Animal Surgery Performed By A Veterinary Surgeon

As the owner of a pet that needs surgery, you may be apprehensive about the procedure. When you take your pet to a qualified Veterinary Surgeon, you can be assured that your pet is receiving the best care possible. To learn the answers to common questions about veterinary surgery, read the information below.

Q.) Do pets have to stay overnight at the animal hospital after having surgery?

A.) Whether or not your pet has to stay overnight in the hospital depends on the type of surgery that the veterinarian performs on the pet. Animals that have simple surgical procedures, such as spaying or neutering, will be able to go home the same day of the surgery. Pets that have more complicated surgeries, such as orthopedic procedures or tumor removal, often have to stay at the animal hospital overnight for observation. After discussing the type of surgery a pet needs, the veterinarian will determine if the pet should spend the night at the animal hospital.

Q.) What type of special care is required after a pet comes home after a surgical procedure?

A.) The veterinarian gives each pet owner special instructions to follow after the animal goes home. These often include giving the pet medications, changing bandages or applying ointment to a wound. Until the animal has time to heal, pet owners may need to alter or restrict the animal’s exercise routine. To keep the animal from getting overly excited, pet owners should keep small children and other pets away from the animal right after surgery.

Q.) Is it dangerous for an animal to undergo a surgical procedure?

A.) When a qualified Veterinary Surgeon performs surgery, the animal is monitored very closely throughout the procedure. The veterinarian and staff use all the precautions necessary to keep the animal safe during the surgery. If there are any concerns about the health of the pet during the surgery, the veterinarian will speak with the animal owner before beginning the procedure.

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