Injured in an Overturned Car? Hire an Automobile Injury Lawyer to File a Claim

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Business Services

Being trapped in an overturned car is a terrifying experience. The person may have to wait for the fire department to use the Jaws of Life to extract them. They may even fear the car will catch on fire or explode. Injuries may cause severe pain that never stops. If this happened because a driver was talking on their cellphone or engaging in other careless activities, then the injured driver is entitled to damages.

As soon as they have received medical treatment, they should hire an Automobile Injury Lawyer to help them file a claim for a fair amount of damages. These damages should cover their medical expenses, lost income, emotional trauma and pain and suffering. Traumatic brain injury and whiplash are injuries commonly sustained in a car crash. They can make it hard for a person to concentrate and they may make poor decisions. Insurance companies will often visit injured and dazed people in their hospital rooms to coerce them into signing a very low settlement.

Once a person hires an Automobile Injury Lawyer, he handles all of the communication between the injured person and the insurance company. This ensures that the injured person won’t hurt their own case. Insurance representatives often say that they need a release to review an injured person’s medical history to expedite their claim. The injured person thinks that they’ll just look at current medical records. In reality, insurance company medical staff will scour their entire history in the hopes of finding a reason to deny the claim.

The lawyer will craft a claim that documents the injuries that the car crash caused. He will also show how much money the medical care related to that injury will cost. If the person works, he will show the lost wages. Damages can also compensate for emotional trauma. If being trapped in an overturned car has left the person unable to sleep or travel, the lawyer will ask for an appropriate sum of money. The lawyer will only get paid if he wins a settlement for his client.

The Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass provide these services for injured persons. They are happy to review the case and see if it meets the threshold to file for damages.

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