Improve Your Oral Health by Visiting Dentists in Appleton, WI

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Dentist

There are many reasons to be concerned about health and the need for visiting your doctor, but a lot of people forget the reasons why it is important to see Dentists Appleton WI. One of the most common reasons people go to the dentist is pain from a cavity. Unfortunately, once you experience pain, the cavity is to the point that infection has set in or is close to occurring.
Infection around the diseased tooth is one of the most serious dangers one can face with dental problems. This is because the infection can lead to other diseases, including heart disease and even death. To eliminate the problem the dentist must first treat the infection. This means several days worth of antibiotics to reduce the effects of the infection. In most instances, this will also reduce the pain from the tooth as well.

Of course, dentists also treat a variety of other oral concerns. For instance, the replacement of missing teeth. A missing tooth can cause remaining teeth to shift, resulting in a very crooked smile. This shifting can also cause other problem like tooth decay because it can be difficult to clean the teeth properly. The problem with shifting teeth is the need to fill the space from the tooth that was lost. With modern dentistry, this is done using dental implants. An implant uses an anchor, usually titanium or other inert material, which is secured to the jawbone. Once the wound from the implantation is healed the dentist will place a crown over the stud that fills in the missing space.

With all the advances in modern dentistry, there is little reason for anyone to have a bad smile. Dentists can improve your smile by whitening stained teeth or straightening those that are crooked. If the problem warrants it, they can cover the teeth with veneers or caps. Veneers are used for the front or visible teeth and are the perfect solution for many dental problems. Caps and crowns are used on the back teeth because they provide a strong surface for chewing. If you or your family need help from Dentists Appleton WI, be sure to consider Barnes & Associates Dentistry SC.

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