How to Prepare a Window for Glass Replacement in Downers Grove

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Glass

The windows in your home are an essential part of your home’s security measures. These structures also help manage the flow of light and air coming into your home. When a windowpane is cracked or shattered, it’s essential to perform glass replacement in Downers Grove. Broken glass poses a safety risk for household occupants and pets. Use the following steps to prepare your window for a new glass.

Before your start glass replacement in Downers Grove, ensure that you wear protective eyewear. Also, use gloves that are puncture-resistant. Work in an area where there is ample light and a stable work surface. Don’t allow children or pets near your work area to prevent bodily injury. When you have a window frame that is very large, take it out of the window opening if you can. Place is on the work surface to provide easier handling of the window.

Start preparing your window for a new windowpane by getting rid of all the damage glass. When your window has large pieces that can be taken out one at a time, grasp one piece at a time. Hold each piece on a side that is flat or curved. Avoid holding a sharp point to prevent injury. Pull each piece out. If the windowpane is shattered, hold the window frame vertically. Using a rubber mallet, very gently tap on the glass in a direction away from you. Do this until most of the glass is out of the windowpane.

After removing as much of the glass as possible, use a chisel to remove old putty along the inside tracks of the window frame. When there is glass still attached to the putty, use extreme caution. As you move along the tracks, also extricate glazier’s points. Don’t put too much force on the window frame to avoid damaging it. After removing the glass, putty, and glazier’s points, apply a generous coat of linseed oil. This will help the new putty from drying out.

Using caution and care when you prepare a window for new glass will protect you and the window frame. For more information on glass services, talk to a window expert at Bolingbrook Glass. This company can handle glass cutting, window repairs, and screen door repairs for commercial and residential customers.

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