How to Care for a Metal Roof in Loveland CO

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Many homeowners benefit from having metal roofs. These structures are easy to maintain, light-weight, and fire-resistant. The useful life of a Metal Roof Loveland CO is approximately 50 to 75 years. To sustain the functionality and longevity of your metal roof, use the following tips to care for your roof.

To ensure that your roof remains free of defects, inspect it on a regular basis. Do this monthly when the weather is mild. Look for cracks and rust spots on the roof. If you have a metal shingle roof, look for loose or missing shingles. You can replace or fix the shingles later on. If you find a rust spot, mark it so you can repair it after the inspection. Carefully look at the gutter system. Loose gutter pieces should be secured. Clear the gutters of leaves and debris that can prevent the drainage of rainwater. If the weather is harsh, you can use binoculars to inspect your roof from the ground.

If your Metal Roof Loveland CO consists of more than two types of metal, don’t let the different types of metal touch one another. Two metals that become wet and touch one another can result in both metal corroding in a process called electrolytic corrosion. There are materials you can put in between different types of materials to prevent this from happening.

To clean your metal roof, mix water with a 1/8 cup mild dish soap. Using a dish cloth, clean the metal roofing. You can use a water hose to rinse the roof after cleaning it. Ensure that you thoroughly rinse your roof to prevent damage from prolonged exposure to the mixture.

If your metal roof has scratches, use a small mount of mineral spirits to clean the affected area. Place the mineral spirits on a wash cloth and wipe it over the scratches. Afterwards, use metal touch-up paint to cover the damaged portion of the roof.

Having a metal roof gives a homeowner many advantages over other types of roofing. To realize these benefits, a homeowner should properly care for his metal roof. For more information on metal roofs, contact a professional like the ones at Flatiron Steel Loveland CO. You can also click here to visit their website.

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