Guys: Do Not Make These Four Mistakes Dating Eastern European Women

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Business

Dating Eastern European women from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and Belarus is not a feat every guy can pull off. I have seen some men go from dating to the “friend” zone in one sudden wrong move.

Dating Eastern European women is not that difficult if you know what to do on the first date. If you do it right, you’ll be doing a “time2behappy dance” when you score a second date with the gorgeous European woman that captured your attention.

Just follow these tips for how to Date Eastern European women and you will be one happy guy:

1. Let Her Speak

Hold your tongue and give the lady a chance to speak. If you keep talking, she will label you a chatterbox and most likely look for excuses to get out of the date. Keep your dialogue short and sweet. Don’t break out into a monologue.

If nerves are the culprit of your unusual chattiness, learn to control them so you do not end up looking like a fool when she leaves.

What should you do if the woman is boring? You’re a gentleman, right? Let her talk and listen patiently regardless of how boring the story about her roommate’s dog is.

2. Change of Scenery

No matter how awesome the restaurant is or your surroundings are, don’t just sit there for three hours talking. After lunch or dinner, take her out to a park or coffee shop. Show her how fun you are by taking her to one your favorite spots. I want to stress to you, that you should not go on a date with the intention of taking her home. If she suspects that this is your true intention, don’t be surprised when the door slams in your face!

3. Look into Her Eyes

Stare into her eyes, and keep firm eye contact. You do not want her to catch you looking elsewhere when she is talking, because that is a big turn off. She will appreciate if you look into her eyes and nod often, as she talks, even if some of the things she says go over your head. Remember to be courteous!

4. Make her Laugh

The last time I checked, you brought a gorgeous woman on a date, and not on an interview. Keep your conversation light and steer away from dark, boring, and controversial subjects.

Go into the date with the goal of making her laugh and smile. Flirt with her, tease her, and make her feel good about herself by discreetly complimenting her. For more tips on impressing the girl of your dreams, visit Time2behappy.

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