Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer for You and Your Family

Having to deal with a divorce and all the emotional stress that comes with it is no easy task, especially if you have young children involved or there has been a history of domestic violence. Finding an attorney that can handle your unique case with professionalism and compassion is an even harder task.

If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to consider the following information and talk at length with your Divorce Lawyer in Bel Air, MD to ensure the best possible outcome.

Child Custody and Visitation

Either a mother or a father can win full legal custody of their children during a divorce, and while there are many questions involved, the most common is about the visitation rights by the other parent. Both parents can come to a mutual agreement on a visitation schedule to be approved by the court, or they can ask for suggestions from their attorney or simply let the court decide. However, being able to work together with the other parent and agree on a visitation schedule means both parents can be with the children during birthdays, school graduations and holidays.

Spousal Support or Alimony

Alimony may be awarded to one of the former spouses to help a previously dependent person become more financially self-reliant. In the case of a parent who stayed home to take care of children while the other parent worked and brought in money, they may need spousal support while they learn job skills and become financially stable. The courts will consider several factors before awarding alimony to one person or another including the length of marriage and financial condition of both former spouses. Make sure you talk to your divorce lawyer about the possibilities of receiving or having to pay alimony.

Restraining Orders for Domestic Violence

Restraining orders can take many forms and benefit the victim of domestic violence in many ways, as well as their children or other family members in some cases. Some restraining orders may include specific provisions such as allowing peaceful contact between victim and abuser, keeping the abuser more than 100 yards from the victim, not allowing the abuser to contact the victim in any way, requiring the abuser to surrender any firearms they may have, among others depending on the unique situation. When in doubt, discuss all of the possible provisions in your case with your attorney.

If you find yourself in need of an experienced and compassionate Divorce Lawyer in Bel Air, MD., consider the Law Offices of Maria Caruso.


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