Do You Need an Animated Explainer Video?

These days, your business faces more competition than any business in the past has ever had to. No matter what business you are in, you facing an unprecedented amount of competition. In the past, a business only had to compete with nearby businesses. Now, you have to compete with businesses from all over the world. If you are in a service such as plumbing or auto repair, you are somewhat shielded from all of these different pressures, but you are still facing people who watch videos online and think they can perform repairs themselves.

You need to compete against these businesses online. The best way to do that is with a targeted advertising and explanation campaign from a team of talented professionals. An animated explainer video will help you reach out to your potential customers or clients, no matter where they are.

Social Media Reach

Depending on your target demographic, social media could be the best way to reach potential clients and customers. Those who are under the age of thirty get a large amount of their news from social media, though not as much as some would be led to believe. People between the ages of thirty and fifty consume social media, but also tend to get their news and information from some other sources too. They are more likely to take part in email chains with others to share information. Your animated explainer video could make a good email campaign as well.

Email Campaign

Advertising efforts are often called campaigns because they are part of coordinated strategic efforts. If you are making a video to explain what you do and why people should rely on you, you should make one that is easily shareable on social media as well as through emails.

Providing for many different types of digital dissemination allows your video to be more fully spread and more effective. You have to go to your customers, not the other way around.

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