Bench Monuments and the Choices They Provide

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Business

If you are searching for a way to preserve the memory of a loved one, cemetery bench monuments may be one of the better options. Durable, timeless, elegant and beautiful, these benches can be customized to meet virtually any need. However, you do have some choices to make.


One of the first choices you will need to make when considering cemetery bench monuments is the material of choice. You will find a range of options out there, including wood, plastic, and metal, but a natural stone is the superior choice. Natural black granite is visually stunning and can be customized with the right tools. It is also incredibly durable, providing a monument to your loved one that can last for centuries to come.

Design Elements

You will certainly want to consider the design elements available to you before choosing between cemetery bench monuments. For instance, you can have your loved one’s first, middle and last name etched into the stone, but you can do so much more. Is there a particular Bible verse that meant something to your loved one, or that resonates with you? Did your loved one have a favorite line of poetry or a favorite quote? Is there a quotation that speaks to you personally about your loved one? There is also the possibility of adding customized images to the bench – these can range from replicating actual photographs to more artistic renderings.

Other design elements will affect the size, shape, and configuration of the bench. For instance, do you want a built-in vase for flowers, or would you prefer to use a standalone vase? What length, width and height would work best for the bench?

You should also consider speaking with the administrator at the cemetery to determine if there are any limitations imposed on memorial benches. Some cemeteries have few requirements, but others have strict limitations on things like size and style.

Finally, you will need to consider the company ultimately choose for designing and manufacturing cemetery bench monuments. How long has the company been in business? Do they offer state of the art laser etching, or do they use more primitive techniques? What stone types does the company offer? Can the company also offer headstones and flat markers? With the right company, you will find the perfect way to preserve the memory of your loved one.

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