7 Most Common Benefits of Mulching in Mooresville NC

Mulching involves placing a protective barrier around the plants and over your bare soil. This layer can be made up of a variety of discomposing organic materials such as cocoa bean shells, straw, wood chips among others. Non-decomposing, non-organic materials are also used like pebbles, recycled tires, and landscaping fabric. Mulching in Mooresville NC area comes with many benefits, and they include:

1. Conservation of moisture – Mulching cover the soil and limit evaporation. Conserving moisture during the hot, dry seasons can help control the water bill besides helping your plants.
2. Weeds control – Mulching limits the amount of weeds growing in your lawn by limiting the amount of sunlight that it can find it way to the weeds.
3. Pests Control – Some materials used in mulching, such as cedar bark, acts as insect repellent. You can consult a lawn care specialist to advise you on the type of mulch to use as some type will encourage insects to flock to your garden.

When adding much to your lawn, you should avoid piling it up against the stems of plants. This is because, doing so can encourage insects and diseases. Also, using too deep a layer of much can encourage diseases and pests.

1. Maintaining soil nutrients – Mulching prevents soil nutrients from being washed away by the rainwater. Organic mulch releases nutrients into the soil as it slowly decomposes on top of the coil.
2. Prevents soil erosion – Besides keeping existing water trapped in the soil, mulching also prevent the rainwater from washing away your soil. It breaks the fall of the water and thereby lessening the force when the water impacts the ground.
3. Encourages earthworms – Organic material encourages earthworms to occupy your lawn soil. Earthworms help improve soil structure as well as nutrient cycling.
4. Make your lawn look attractive – Mulch can add an aesthetic value to your lawn. It gives a finished look by filling in the empty spaces while being one of the easiest fillers to maintain. Much is easy to care for and never competes with your other plants for nutrients, water, and air.

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